Mark 16:15
Go ye into all the world,and preach the gospel to every creature.



David Johnson, the fourth son of a family of eight boys and four girls, born to Bernie and Dolores Johnson.tragedy came with the loss of a son, little Billy Johnson in 1950 due what many call crib death. He was only several months old, when he just stopped breathing. 

Hearts were broken, and for weeks there was much mourning for little Billy. During this time, Dad & Mom  prayed earnestly for another son, and Dad promised the Lord, that if he would give him another son, he would serve him and obey the call on his life to preach the gospel.

It wasn’t long, they both gave their hearts to the Lord, and not long after, mom was pregnant with a son. Dad soon prepared to hit the trail preaching wherever doors were open. Time found dad in Newark New Jersey just about the time when mom would give birth to a son. Dad, sent a telegram to mom, and said, when our son is born, name him David.

David, grows, and suddenly in 1966, had a desire to buy a guitar for $25.00 Bernie and his family travel to Colorado in hopes for a new beginning and a home. Not long were they living in Del Norte, Colorado; David helping his Dad top out a hundred-foot ponderosa pine tree, David Looses his balance and falls nearly sixty-feet. Lying there on the ground bleeding to death, while Dad holding him in his arms, David cries out daddy, pray for me I am dying! David’s head swelled twice its size, along with a broken jaw, David recovers and is spared by God from deaths grip . By 1975 David forms a country music group and plays the nightclubs, bound for Nashville to make it big, David and his wife Debbie, attend an old fashion tent revival along the road, and are saved, and filled wit the Spirit.

by 1980 David and his wife Debbie and daughters Tiffany and Sherry traveled to Texas where they would minister in music in churches. It was near Fort Worth, Texas where David heard the call to preach the gospel. after the family sang, Debbie, Tiffany & Sherry, David sang, and thought to turn the service back to the pastor, when the Lord said, David, talk to the people, and for over and hour He talked, for the pastor said, go on!

When David Finished, a lone woman from the church said, brother, how long have you been preaching? David replied, if you call that preaching, that was the first time.

Since then, David has reached millions of souls from America to Mexico and around the world, traveling some sixty-thousand miles a year on the road in the USA, and ministering to the multitudes through radio and television. David is Writing songs, and recording in Nashville as well as writing books.